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At LBD I strive to create beautiful, contextual buildings in a clean and modern way. This is done by paying close attention to the building’s surroundings and by working very closely with my clients to listen to, and understand, their needs.

The rare client comes to me knowing exactly what they’d like, but more often than not, through  the design process, we discover what works together. When I get to participate in and witness my clients dreams, histories, tastes and way of life come together in a unique built form, I know we have succeeded.

At the end of the day, a beautiful building must be more than simply aesthetically pleasing. A beautiful building must also speak to the people who live, work and spend their time there. Such a building supports and adds to ones life in a joyful way. A beautiful building is a backdrop to your life that takes little and gives much in return.


Creating buildings that are healthy for their occupants and as low impact as possible on the environment is of utmost importance at LBD. This is done by assessing the building envelope, material usage, building siting and sizing, mechanical systems, alternative energy systems and finish options. Life cycle cost, occupant comfort and energy use are all taken into account when making decisions about a design.