The design Process

If it's your first time taking on a design project the process can feel overwhelming. At LBD I strive to walk you through each step and make the entire experience as simple and enjoyable as possible. Here's a summary to help you know what you can expect:


This is where we meet, either over the phone or in person, to discuss the basics of your project. Knowing your ideal timeline, budget and general project goals can be helpful, but not necessary. After our first conversation, if I seem like a good fit for your project and your project feels like a good fit for me, then I'll schedule a time to visit the site. At the first site visit we'll walk through the project and I'll get a better understanding of the scope and context. With this information I'll then write a project proposal.

2. project proposal

The proposal outlines the scope of services that LBD will be providing to you as well as a rough estimate of cost of services and general terms and conditions. Once the proposal is signed this serves as our contract and the work begins!

3. Design process

The amount of work can vary greatly from project to project and is generally broken down into the following phases:

  • PRE DESIGN - information gathering, documenting existing conditions, code research         & programming

  • SCHEMATIC DESIGN - you will be presented with a number of conceptual design ideas that then get narrowed down and modified until a basic design is defined

  • DESIGN DEVELOPMENT - the plan gets flushed out in more detail in this phase through explorations in section, elevation and materiality

  • CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS - the design gets detailed to the level needed to go through the permitting process and for a builder to both price and construct the project

  • BIDDING & NEGOTIATION - the builder(s) prices the design and a construction contract is settled on

  • CONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION - the architect works with the builder to address issues that arise during construction, provide additional information, review product and material submittals and help ensure that the CDs are followed to produce the best end result


This is the moment where all the hard work and decision making pays off! You get to move into your new space and LOVE IT!